New building projects and renovation construction

The majority of Finland's building stock was completed in the 1960s-1980s, and large portions of it have now reached the age when renovation is due - all at the same time. Therefore, in the next decades, construction in Finland will focus on renovation construction. Buildings of renovation age have developed moisture damage almost without exception, or the occurrence of such damage in the near future is highly probable. The programme to combat moisture and mould focuses on alleviating problems in existing building stock.

YHA Kuvapankki / Pentti Hokkanen

During the programme, for instance, the functionality of the present building code from the viewpoint of moisture damage will be assessed, while furthering research and product development of various low energy solutions aimed at preventing the occurrence of moisture damage in future buildings. Climate change influences construction planning, too, and the Ministry of the Environment's projects called FRAME (Future Envelope Assemblies and HVAC Solutions) and KORMA research this aspect.

The aim is to include expertise related to good indoor climate and long-lived damp-proof structures in all education in the construction sector. The inclusion of a requirement for a supervisor concerned with the management of moisture and conditions is planned in the building code, alongside specifications in regulations regarding renovation projects that are subject to a building permit.


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