State aid systems

Various ministries and other central government agencies support many forms of new building and renovation activities for various reasons, including those based on energy, economic trends, and regional policy. At present, aid granted by the state may be targeted at buildings whose indoor air problems are not eliminated regardless of repairs, or, in the worst case scenario, repairs may even cause problems.

The aim of the programme to combat moisture and mould is to develop the financing terms of various support systems so that they steer towards systematic mapping of the condition of and moisture damage in buildings, and the sensible prioritisation of repairs. An analysis conducted by a qualified, independent external inspector on the sufficiency of damage analysis concerning properties to be repaired, and the functioning of repair plans, is required as a condition for aid granted to renovation construction. The aim is to develop the forms of financing offered by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) so as to provide an incentive to eliminate risks and moisture damage in buildings.


YHA Kuvapankki / Pentti Hokkanen