The programme to combat moisture and mould is implemented in close cooperation with other ministries and central government actors, the municipal sector, organisations, and businesses. The programme delves deep into the entire lifecycle of buildings, from design to construction, occupancy, maintenance, investigation, and repair. The joint effort brings together a comprehensive network of experts, and the invitation to participate is still open. The programme is also interested in sharing expertise and experiences with foreign actors.


Aalto University

Alfa Law Firm



Clavis Consulting

Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries

Datapolis Oy

Equiflow Oy

Finnish House Owners' Association

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Finnish Parents' Association



Innoctus Oy

Insinööritoimisto Savora Oy

Instaro Oy


KYAMK - University of Applied Science

Kymen home-etsintä

Lakiasiaintoimisto Pasi Hyvämäki

LVI-Ins.toimisto Seppo Karves Oy

Mainostoimisto Grafical Oy

Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Ministry of the Environment

Muotoilutoimisto Muoto Oy

National Institute for Health and Welfare

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Pirkanmaan kiinteistöyhdistys ry

RAKLI - The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients

Raksystems - Anticimex

Regional State Administrative Agencies

SEK - Public

Senate Properties

Suomen JVT- ja Kuivausliikkeiden liitto ry

Suomen Sisäilmakeskus Oy

Talotutkimus Kairitek Oy

Tampere University of Technology

The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia

The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE)

Novia University of Applied Sciences

University of Eastern Finland

University of Helsinki

University of Turku