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In Finland, problems caused by moisture and mould are present in the entire building stock. Every second building is estimated to display signs of excess humidity, and in 15 to 20 per cent of buildings, mould poses a threat to the health of occupants. On a daily basis, 600,000 - 800,000 people in Finland are exposed to contamination caused by moisture and mould damage, and these problems incur hundreds of millions of euros in costs every year. The underlying reasons are many, such as the climate conditions, quality of construction, the use and maintenance of buildings and errors in planning and building. Similar problems prevail in the building stock of many other countries, too.

YHA Kuvapankki / Jari Kurvinen

Finland is tackling the problem with drastic measures: on 24 February 2009, the Government decided to launch an action plan to stop moisture and mould damage. The five-year action plan is tasked with setting off the restoration of Finnish building stock to get rid of damage caused by moisture and mould. The programme to combat moisture and mould will generate new information, skills, and tools to cover the entire lifecycle of buildings and will influence public attitudes broadly.

The effort is led by the Ministry of the Environment and an inter-sectoral broad-based steering group representing various sectors of society has been established, comprising representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Senate Properties, RAKLI - the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients, the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI), the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, and the University of Eastern Finland. Juhani Pirinen D.Sc. (Tech.) is the programme director responsible for the practical implementation of the programme.

YHA Kuvapankki / Tapio Heikkilä

The programme to combat moisture and mould is implemented in close cooperation with other ministries and central government actors, the municipal sector, organisations, and businesses. A comprehensive network of Finnish experts is contributing to the joint effort.

The action plan comprises seven sectors: new building projects and renovation construction; repair of moisture and mould damage; education & training, qualification, and research; housing trade and advisory services; state properties and workplaces; state aid systems; and communications. A large number of projects and project entities are implemented within each sector. Projects within the programme generate new knowledge and competence of international interest.